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Visions of Chaos Revisions History

Version 40.9

1. Fixed minor bug with Genetic Art that did not cause mutations to randomize offsets if random offset checkbox checked.
2. Improved quality of Quaternion Julia Sets (increased internal bailout to 64 so structures are more defined).
3. Quaternion scripts now save iterations value in them. Ensures rendered scripts appear as intended.
4. Improved image quality of super sampled Quaternions.
5. Fixed bug that caused Rotate Quaternion option under Create Frames to do nothing.
6. Improved speed of 3D gravity by 27%.
7. Added 3 new NNCA preset rules.
8. Fixed bug that caused wrong image to be generated when resuming Quaternion scripts.
9. Fixed bug that caused Escape, Lyapunov scripts to fail.
10. Fixed bug that caused Flame scripts to fail if a Flame fractal had not been manually created first.
11. Fixed bug that caused Escape fractal tweens to not use supersampling even if supersampling checked on Escape options dialog.

Version 40.8

1. Added new mode, Nonlinear Voter Model.
2. Improved Quaternion output. Images are now much smoother and take less time to render.

Version 40.7

1. Manual changes to flame parameters now change flame images.
2. Added mutation dialog to IFS mode.
3. Added option to shade 3D CA grids with currently loaded color palette.

Version 40.6

1. Color cycling now works on mirrored images.

Version 40.5

1. Fixed bug that caused color cycle movies to have incorrect colors on deeply zoomed fractals.
2. Fixed bug that caused color cycling to have incorrect colors on deeply zoomed fractals.
3. When loading older format IFS parameter files the zoom coordinates are now correctly reset. Caused loaded IFS files to display zoomed in too deep.
4. Fixed bug with Flame mutator.

Version 40.4

1. Fixed bug that caused IFS color palette to load incorrectly.

Version 40.3

1. Fixed bug that caused Buddhabrot to hang under foreign language versions of Windows.
2. IFS mode now saves color palette and zoom location with parameter files.
3. Fixed bug with IFS zooming out.
4. Fixed bug with IFS mode that caused the Play button to reset the image coordinates.
5. Color palette editor no longer covers the windows color selector dialog.

Version 40.2

1. Fixed minor bug with IFS display that caused a lighter shaded line to appear on top and left edges of images.
2. New Trial version made available.

Version 40.1

1. BMP, JPG and PNG images can now be saved while an image is being generated.
2. Mirroring option added under Image Processing commands.

Version 40.0

1. Modified startup sequence.

Version 39.9

1. Fixed memory leak bug when saving images and/or movie frames to a BMP file.

Version 39.8

1. Minor bug fix to correct date error in Buddhabrot mode under Swedish versions of Windows.

Version 39.7

1. Added option for "start angle" in Mandelbrot scripts.

Version 39.6

1. Improved Archean CA mode.
2. Added more Archean CA samples.

Version 39.5

1. Added new Archean CA mode.

Version 39.4

1. Fixed bug with zoom too deep detection when using rubber band zoom.
2. Fixed bug that caused Mandelbrot screen saver mode to crash.
3. Increased default lines per update to 50. Speeds up fractal generation time.
4. Fixed bug that caused Julia sets not to smooth colors when rendering in 3D.
5. Smoother zoom box animation images.
6. Fixed bug that caused wraparound setting in Termites mode not to work correctly.

Version 39.3

1. Program now detects when trying to zoom too deep (beyond floating point precision) and warns you. Avoids "blocky pixel" images.
2. Fixed bug that caused color cycling to hang when cycling deeply zoomed fractals.
3. Added speedup check that skips Mandelbrot points within main circle and cardoid.

Version 39.2

1. Fixed minor bug that caused 3D renders to hang and fail sometimes.
2. Fixed bug that caused 3D flyover frames to not display correctly if detail level set above 1.
3. Added new Fractal Terrain mode. Needs more work before complete.
4. If 3D flyover frame coords match last frame rendered then height calculation is skipped to speed up render time.
5. Quaternion colors are now interpolated from palette for smoother result.
6. Added oversampling option to LGA mode.

Version 39.1

1. Fixed bug that caused Mandelbrot CPM 3D renders not to use correct colors when deeply zoomed in.
2. Added dodgy fake emboss option in Mandelbrot mode.
3. Improved responsiveness when clicking and dragging 3D views.
4. Fixed bug that didn't always load correct palette when loading Quaternion files.

Version 39.0

1. Fixed bug that caused Mandelbrot 3D renders not to use correct colors.
2. Bug with export to DXF fixed. Now supports Mandelbrot, Julia, Complex, Escape and Plasma export.

Version 38.9

1. Changed log smooth Mandelbrot coloring to use improved CPM method. Generates fractals with totally smooth "iteration band free" contours.
2. Mandelbrot and Julia modes in 3D now smooth height colors if Log Smooth option selected (default). Brings out so much more fine detail in the 3D renders.
3. Color palette can now be cycled while 2D scripts and 3D flyovers are being rendered.

Version 38.8

1. Fixed minor Quaternion script bug.
2. Improved Termites mode.
3. Fixed bug with Light Gravity when using parallel rays.

Version 38.7

1. Improved Quaternion options dialog.
2. Added ability to load and save Quaternion parameters.
3. Quaternion scripts and movies now supported.

Version 38.6

1. Fixed bug that caused 2D LIF files to be corrupted by 1 pixel when loaded. Makes a big difference to some CA patterns.
2. Added new Boids mode.
3. Added Boids to screensaver.
4. Improved quality of Quaternion mode output.

Version 38.5

1. Added more options to Mandlbrot options dialog.
2. Added stats to Julia tween frame creation.
3. Fixed bug that made Julia tween frame creation uninteruptable.

Version 38.4

1. Added rings and stalks orbit traps to Mandelbrot mode.
2. Fixed bug that caused VOC to hang if main window clicked while 3D CA was running.
3. Added super sample option to Lyapunov mode.
4. Fixed bug that caused zoom coordinates not to be saved correctly in Lyapunov mode parameter files.
5. Added Buddhabrot display style to Mandelbrot mode.

Version 38.3

1. Added multiple views in 3D Options dialog. Needs more work.
2. Fixed bug that caused 3D script renderings to fail unless a 3D render had already been created before starting script.
3. Added orbit traps to Mandelbrot and Julia modes.

Version 38.2

1. Fixed some minor annoyances with the Reaction Diffusion batch mode.
2. Added option to create AVI from LGA mode.

Version 38.1

1. Added new Lattice Gas Automata mode.
2. Added new Majority Rule CA mode.
3. Added new Traffic CA mode.

Version 38.0

1. Added new Termite Simulation mode.
2. Fixed bug with batch FRA to BMP converter.
3. Ensured aspect ratios correctly set with batch FRA to BMP converter.
4. Added new 3D editor for 3D CA mode.
5. Added more sample reaction diffusion sample files.
6. Improved quality of log smooth coloring for Mandelbrot and Julia fractals.

Version 37.9

1. Fixed a minor bug with the Mandelbrot render to BMP feature.
2. Improved Automatic Music Composer interface and added ability to save and load parameters.
3. Added more sample Reaction Diffusion files.
4. Gray-Scott reaction diffusion rewritten to fix bugs with old method.
5. Stopped flickering in preview display for AVI build dialog.
6. Added fake lighting effect for Reaction Diffusion modes. Gives a 3D look.

Version 37.8

1. Added obstacles to Genetic Bugs.
2. Added obstacles to Genetic Bugs 2.
3. Fixed bug in both Genetic Bugs modes that caused Westward movements to move NE.
4. Smoothed interpolation when rendering flame scripts.

Version 37.7

1. Fixed bug that launched AVI validator in batch script mode. Validator is no longer required.
2. AVI build automatically restarts if any build error is detected. Only seems to occur sometimes with DVD resolution movies.
3. Fixed bug that caused color cycling to fail when picked from main menu.
4. AVI build preview now displays in correct aspect ratio of movie.
5. Fixed bug that caused rubber band zoom to fail.

Version 37.6

1. Fixed bug when rendering 2D Gravity as AVI movie in circle or explosion modes.
2. Added width option for tracing Mandelbrot cardoid and circle in Julia tween mode.
3. Removed redundant X and Y function options from 3D Flyover manager.
4. Fixed bug with some of the older sample 3D Flyover scripts that did not load correctly. XFunction and YFunction lines need to be removed.
5. Fixed bug that did not set iterations value correctly when resuming 2D scripts.
6. Fixed bug that caused 3D renders to sometimes show incorrect colors when using height scaling option.
7. Fixed bug that occasionaly rendered Reaction Diffusion batch mode frames in incorrect order.

Version 37.5

1. Fixed bug with rotating script frames when in Mandelbrot mode.
2. Color cycling now works for Escape fractals when using supersample pixels.
3. Fixed bug that caused Escape scripts to fail if an Escape fractal had not been created at least once.

Version 37.4

1. Fixed bug that caused L-Systems music to do nothing.
2. Added resume button to 2D script manager.
3. Added preset list to Symmetric Icon attractors.
4. Added rotation angle option for Mandelbrot and Julia fractals.
5. Added supersample option for Escape fractals.
6. Added rotation angle option for Escape fractals.
7. Removed X and Y function type settings for Mandelbrot and Julia modes.
8. Added script support for Complex fractals.
9. Fixed bug that caused script builds to fail if current mode did not match script mode.

Version 37.3

1. Added option to save images in PNG format.
2. Removed stats dialog. Didn't really have any useful purpose.
3. Fixed bug that caused color cycling button to do nothing on the first click.
4. Fixed bug with Random button in NNCA dialog.
5. Extended trial period to 50 days rather than limited number of "tries".
6. Fixed display bug in 2D Gravity when using shaded circles.
7. Increased detail quality of 3D Gravity billboard textures.

Version 37.2

1. Added log scale color mode to Henon attractor.
2. Added log scale color mode to Hopalong attractor.
3. Added log scale color mode to Fractal Dreams attractor.
4. Added log scale color mode to Ikeda attractor.
5. Added log scale color mode to Gingerbread man attractor.
6. Added log scale color mode to Quadrup Two attractor.
7. Added log scale color mode to Gumowski Mira attractor.
8. Added log scale color mode to Symmetric Icon attractor.
9. Removed POV-Ray support. Quality was not as good as OpenGL and it was a PITA to maintain.
10. Removed option to start Digital Inkblot with centered pixel. It always caused CA to die out.
11. Added option for how many generated lines NNCA display is shown after.
12. Removed MIDI options from attractors. Never gave any musical results.
13. Re-wrote AVI build code. No longer creates mysterious black frames in AVI movies.
14. Removed AVI verify option. No longer needed since the AVI build bug has been finally fixed.
15. Removed AVI player option. VOC now uses default media player to show AVIs.

Version 37.1

1. Changed default palette from older RGB style.
2. Changed default aspect ratio value. Old value was slightly off for most monitors.
3. Cancel button now close button in Image To HTML dialog.

Version 37.0

1. Added Cancel button to Complex Fractals dialog.
2. Added Cancel button to Escape dialog.
3. Added Cancel button to Julia Set dialog.
4. Added Cancel button to Lyapunov dialog.
5. Added Cancel button to Plasma dialog.
6. Added Cancel button to Genetic Bugs dialog.
7. Added Cancel button to Genetic Bugs 2 dialog.
8. Added Cancel button to 2D Gravity dialog.
9. Added Cancel button to Light Gravity dialog.
10. Added Cancel button to Graphical Iteration dialog.
11. Added Cancel button to IFS dialog.
12. Added Cancel button to L-Systems dialog.
13. Added Cancel button to Recursive Lattice dialog.
14. Added Cancel button to Linear Reaction Diffusion dialog.
15. Added Cancel button to Reaction Diffusion dialog.
16. Added Cancel button to Flies dialog.
17. Added Cancel button to Forest Fire dialog.
18. Added Cancel button to Lorenz Water Wheel dialog.
19. Added Cancel button to Magnetic Pendulum dialog.
20. Added Cancel button to War Bots dialog.
21. Added Cancel button to Wa-Tor dialog.
22. Improved Log Smooth quality for 2D and 3D Mandelbrots.

Version 36.9

1. Added log smooth 3D heights for Mandelbrot Set. More accurate 3D representation.
2. Added log smooth color options for 2D Mandelbrot Set.
3. Added option to convert any displayed image into ASCII or color HTML format.
4. Added Cancel button to Mandelbrot dialog.

Version 36.8

1. Cellular display style for 2D Gravity mode now has option to wrap at edges.
2. 2DCCA dialog fixed up. Added Cancel button. Most requested feature is more Cancel buttons.
3. Added Cancel button to 2DCA dialog.
4. Added Cancel button to 1DCA dialog.
5. Added Cancel button to 3DCA dialog.
6. Added Cancel button to Ant Automaton dialog.
7. Added Cancel button to Cascade CA dialog.
8. Added Cancel button to Digital Inkblot dialog.
9. Added Cancel button to NNCA dialog.
10. Added Cancel button to 2D DLA dialog.
11. Added Cancel button to 3D DLA dialog.
12. Added Cancel button to Circle fractal dialog.
13. Fixed bug with Genetic Art mode.

Version 36.7

1. Fixed bug that caused polar transformations not to work 100% in Flame mode.
2. Fixed bug that caused horseshoe transformations not to work 100% in Flame mode.
3. Added mutator to Flame mode.
4. POVRay now opens topmost window when it is used as rendering engine.
5. Multiple states option added to NNCA mode.
6. Added cellular display style to 2D Gravity mode.

Version 36.6

1. Fixed bug that caused main window to not resize correctly after being in fullscreen mode.
2. Genetic music automatically stopped if dialog closed while music still playing.
3. Disabled maximize button when image being generated.

Version 36.5

1. All BMP frames and AVI movies now forced to true color 24 bit.
2. Fixed bug that caused Mandelbrot screen saver mode to hang if it didn't detect an "edge" while zooming. Stops screen saver hanging.
3. Fixed bug that caused auto-zoom Mandelbrot to hang.
4. Auto-music composer automatically stopped if dialog closed while music still playing.
5. Iterations now auto increase when auto-zooming.

Version 36.4

1. Fixed bug in Genetic Art 3D extrusions that stopped click and dragging to rotate 3D image.
2. Added more config options to 2D CA screen saver mode.
3. More palettes added to screen saver.
4. Fixed bug that caused black cubes when using color palette to shade 3D DLA.
5. Added super sample option to Mandelbrot screen saver mode.
6. Improved (?) layout for screen saver dialog.

Version 36.3

1. Added option to display 3D DLA objects as spheres.
2. Added 2D CA to screen saver.
3. Fixed bug that did not set 2D CA survival/birth rules correctly for #N LIF files.
4. Added Mandelbrot display/autozoom into screen saver.
5. Single click zoom now shows zoom area before zooming.

Version 36.2

1. Fixed bug with screen saver.
2. Web link in screen saver settings fixed.
3. Fixed bug that left AVI Build dialog Close button disabled after building an AVI movie.

Version 36.1

1. Fixed bug that caused Tiled CA mode to hang.
2. 2D CA now supports custom birth/survival LIF files.
3. Added more 2D CA LIF file samples.
4. Loading of LIF files integrated into 2D CA settings dialog.
5. Added more settings to allow customizaion of screen saver mode.

Version 36.0

1. 1D CA now defaults to Wolfram's 110.
2. Lengthened trial time. It was way too short to try all of the different features/modes.

Version 35.9

1. Print option added for Double Pendulum.
2. Added Digital Inkblot to screen saver.

Version 35.8

1. Fixed bug with 3D Gravity not coloring single pixels correctly.
2. Double Pendulum faster when displaying pendulum arms.
3. Julia Set dialog now automatically shows preview for current Julia Set.
4. Improved shading when using palette for 2D DLA background.
5. Improved the help file a bit.
6. Fixed bug that caused 2D Gravity printout to print nothing.
7. Lowered detail level of spheres in 3D Gravity. Speeds up drawing time.
8. Modified Double Pendulum to allow floating point values for start angles.
9. Added Double Pendulum to screen saver mode.

Version 35.7

1. More 3D Gravity options added.
2. New double pendulum mode added.
3. Fixed minor bug with AVI builder that caused Close button to remain disabled if Abort button clicked.
4. Fixed Julia Set settings dialog showing preview image in black and white.

Version 35.6

1. More 3D Gravity options added.

Version 35.5

1. New 3D Gravity mode added.
2. Added custom edit feature for 3D CA grids.

Version 35.4

1. Added custom color mode to flame fractals. Allows each transformation to be colored differently.
2. Fixed bug that left close button diasbled in AVI build dialog..
3. Start menu web link was pointing to old website.

Version 35.3

1. 3D DLA grid area now shows as a cube in 3D options.
2. Enormous speedup in Vertical DLA mode.
3. Cancel button added to Image Processing dialog.
4. Auto-disable Verfiy build option for AVI movies when any of the AVI build effects are used.
5. Reset view button in 3D Settings auto adjusts for 3DCA to center grid on screen.
6. Reset view button in 3D Settings auto adjusts for 3D DLA to center grid on screen.
7. Cursor keys correctly scroll Mandelbrot/Julia fractals.

Version 35.2

1. Sped up 3DCA cube drawing routine.
2. Improved Julia Set dialog.
3. 3DCA grid area now shows as a cube in 3D options. Much easier to position.
4. Displaying 3DCA using red/blue glasses option added.
5. Fixed bug that caused the Mode menu to remain disabled after cancelling Attractors dialog.
6. Enormous speed improvement when rendering Mandelbrots to BMP files.
7. Improved (?) 3DCA options dialog. All settings in one dialog without the tabs.
8. 3DCA bounding box now correctly "bounds" the 3D grid.
9. Added 2D DLA option to set number of hits before a particle sticks.

Version 35.1

1. Cancel button added to 1D Totalistic CA option dialog.
2. Option added to make AVI frames from 1D Totalistic CAs.
3. Moved Tween Julia Sets utility to Create Frames dialog.
4. Added more options for Tween Julia Sets. Option to trace cardoid and circle edges.
5. Fixed bug that caused VOC to hang when using effects when creating AVI files.
6. Improved Julia Set options dialog.

Version 35.0

1. Increased maximum stack size for application. Helps prevent lockup when creating 360 degree rotation of fractals.
2. Added Cancel button to TileCA Option dialog.
3. Fixed bug that caused VOC to quit without warning when changing center coordinates in 3D Options dialog.
4. Fixed bug that caused VOC to hang when using explosion style in Gravity mode.
5. Wraparound option in 3DCA now works.
6. AVI Verify dialog stays on top when checking frames. Verify failed if verify window was covered by any other app.

Version 34.9

1. Fixed minor bug with verify AVI routine.
2. Changed default Lyapunov coords to show more of fractal.
3. Changed default lines per update to 100. Speeds up fractal generation slightly.

Version 34.8

1. Fixed display bug with realtime 3D click and drag rotations.
2. Fixed aspect ratio bug when rendering scripts.
3. Added option to create large BMP images from Mandelbrot mode.
4. Added option to verify AVIs once built. Helps catch those annoying black frames.

Version 34.7

1. 2D CA cells can be activated while generating by clicking and dragging mouse.
2. Fixed bug with Extend Edges Of Mesh option not working in 3D Flyovers.
3. Fixed bug with Extend Edges Of Mesh option not working when rendering scripts in 3D.
4. OpenGL Options shown before rendering a script if it is being rendered in 3D.
5. Options for Complex Fractals shown when play button is clicked. Allows display method to be changed without changing the current fractal location.
6. Added iterations setting dropdown to Mandelbrot options dialog. Easier than going into the main Options dialog to increase iterations when required.

Version 34.6

1. Fixed bug with Fractal Circles. Disabled aspect ratio for Circles mode that caused coordinate corruption.
2. Fixed aspect ratio bug with Complex fractals mode.
3. Fixed bug with buttons not being correctly enabled when loading FRA files.
4. Removed aspect ratio correction for Escape fractals.
5. Removed aspect ratio correction for Lyapunov fractals.
6. Fixed bug with aspect ratio correction with Julia Sets.
7. Removed aspect ratio correction for Flame fractals.

Version 34.5

1. Added new Genetic Music mode.
2. IFS parameter grid editable.
3. Improved auto aspect ratio routines.
4. Fixed bug with OpenGL Light options not saving settings correctly.
5. Added option to Extend Edges of 3D mesh when rendering fractals.

Version 34.4

1. Removed aspect ratio support for Flame mode.
2. Fixed small bug when displaying Quaternion depth buffer.
3. Added auto-neon-blend to color palette editor.
4. Added label to show palette location under custom blend of color palette editor.
5. Fixed aspect ratio bug with Henon attractor.
6. Fixed aspect ratio bug with Ikeda attractor.
7. OpenGL light settings now saved to INI file.
8. Visions of Chaos now uses a "standard" Windows setup app.

Version 34.3

1. Modes that use xmin,xmax,ymin and ymax coords now auto correct aspect ratio. Stops fractals being distorted when program window resized.
2. Option added to Mandelbrot/Julia settings form to manual specify fractal coordinates.
3. Added higher preset iteration values in the Options dialog.

Version 34.2

1. Added Remove Color and Clear All features to custom blend palette editor mode.

Version 34.1

1. New Mode added - 3D DLA.
2. IFS now supports logarithmic scaling of the color palette when displaying.

Version 34.0

1. Option added to save each update of a Flame as a BMP frame.
2. Better set of example Flame images.
3. New about box "thanks scroll".

Version 33.9

1. Moved OpenGL light settings into seperate dialog.
2. Fixed Seamless Tile image processing option.
3. Fixed bug when using POVRay to render Mandelbrot 3D flyovers (settings dialog shown every frame).
4. New Mode added - Flame IFS.
5. Fixed bug under palette editor. Saved palettes did always default to *.MAP.
6. When adding a point to a script a check is now made to see if the current fractal type is the same as the current script type.

Version 33.8

1. Fixed bug with 2DCA when random button clicked it did not update the survival and birth checkboxes correctly.
2. Updated splash screen and about box logos with a new logo by Ray Dulski.
3. Fixed minor bug that disabled zoom buttons if they were clicked a second time while already clicked.
4. Seperated OpenGL light settings into seperate tabs for each light.
5. Added option to specify RGB diffuse color for each OpenGL light.

Version 33.7

1. AVI Build Dialog stats seperated into statusbar panels.
2. Stats enhanced for 3DCA. Now shows info for processing and displaying.
3. Fixed bug with Image Processing. Did not always process the displayed image correctly.
4. Fixed bug with OpenGL Average Heights.
5. Support added for up to 6 simultaneous lights in 3D OpenGL displays.
6. Resume button added to flyover script manager. Allows you to pick up at the last point location of a script to add more points.
7. New splash screen logo by Ray Dulski.
8. OpenGL preview scene is now textured with supported 2D fractal images. Helps to position 3D views in flyovers etc.

Version 33.6

1. Added option to use BMP file as initial Digital Inkblot frame.
2. Fixed bug with Digital Inkblot mirror options.
3. Before creating any AVI frames a check is made if any previous frames exist (and option is given to delete them).

Version 33.5

1. Merged Turning and Menhardt into one Reaction-Diffusion mode.
2. Added option to show 3DCA cells as cubes rather than pixels.
3. Option added to enable/disable auto-rotating CA3D grid.
4. Added Cancel button to Quaternion Julia Set options dialog.
5. Quaternion Julia Set rotation movies are now correctly aborted when stop button clicked.
6. Stats for Quaternion Julia Set rotation frames are now correctly displayed.
7. Fixed bug that hung Visions of Chaos if using a non-24bit bitmap as the intial frame for reaction-diffusion modes.
8. Added Gray-Scott model Reaction-Diffusion. Still buggy so don't expect any interesting results yet.

Version 33.4

1. Fixed Reaction-Diffusion TRD/MRD files to handle new RD options.
2. Added feedback option to RD modes. After each step current chemical is fed back into substrate.

Version 33.3

1. Added option to Reaction Diffusion modes to keep chemical values above 0.
2. Fixed bug that didn't stop Reaction Diffusion batch mode processing when Stop button clicked.
3. Reaction Diffusion modes now save almost all settings to config files.

Version 33.2

1. Fixed bug with rule conversion in Next Nearest Neighbour Cellular Automata.
2. Fixed bug with Reaction Diffusion modes causing exception errors in other modes after Reaction Diffusion run.

Version 33.1

1. Reaction diffusion modes are maybe finally correct. Simulation stops when the chemical reaction stabilizes.
2. Reaction diffusion batch mode dialogs enhanced. Checks if directories specified are valid before starting to avoid hangs.

Version 33.0

1. Option added to batch process a series of BMPs in Reaction Diffusion modes.

Version 32.9

1. Disabled ability to resize main window when one of the modes is running.
2. Reaction Diffusion auto-resize main window if a starting image is specified that does not match window size.
3. Reaction Diffusion settings can now be saved and loaded.
4. Added option for starting Reaction Diffusion modes with a circle or square shape.
5. Added option to reverse order of frames when building AVI files.

Version 32.8

1. Fixed Reaction Diffusion bug that did not load start frame images correctly.
2. Added option to display different chemicals or substrate for Reaction Diffusion.
3. Added option for start and end frames to save AVI frames for Reaction Diffusion.

Version 32.7

1. Reaction Diffusion display mode option for rate of change between frames added.

Version 32.6

1. 3D plasma clouds can now be used for flyovers.
2. Fixed a bug that caused OpenGL renders to sometimes fail under Windows 98.
3. Option added for pixel size of OpenGL 3D CA display.
4. More sample Next Nearest Neighbour Cellular Automata rules added.
5. Fixed bug with tweening Julia sets in Quaternion mode.
6. Added shaded blobs display style for gravity simulation.
7. Turing Reaction Diffusion and Meinhardt Reaction Diffusion modes have option to use an image as the intial step.

Version 32.5

1. Re-added click and drag rotations of OpenGL fractal renders. Still needs work.
2. Option for what plot style click and drag rotations should be shown in.
3. Fixed bug that reset IFS views when play button clicked.
4. New mode added - Next Nearest Neighbour Cellular Automata.

Version 32.4

1. OpenGL lighting automatically disabled when running 3D CA.
2. Changed all internal 10 byte floating point variables to 8 byte floating point variables.
3. Fixed a bug with the interpolation of angles in 3D flyover scripts.
4. Forced decimal seperator to '.' character. Stops VOC hanging when running under foreign language OS versions that do not use a '.' character as their decimal seperator.

Version 32.3

1. Removed option of rotating 3d images by clicking and dragging.
2. Added option to average openGL normals. Gives a more smoothed appearance to OpenGL 3D renders.
3. All OpenGL settings now saved to INI file.
4. Fixed bug with Load FRA dialog (Cancel button did nothing).
5. Added bezier tween option for OpenGL flyovers.

Version 32.2

1. Added abort option to AVI Build dialog.
2. Added start frame option to Create Frames dialog.
3. Improved speed of Gravity simulation.
4. When playing L-Systems MIDI music the L-System display will update as the notes play.
5. Added detail setting to OpenGL options. Higher detail adds more 3d points to the OpenGL renders.
6. Added supersampling option to Mandelbrot set. Calculates multiple values per pixel for a more accurate image.
7. Added option to create movie frames by tweening Magnetic Pendulum settings.
8. Added supersampling option to Magnetic Pendulum.

Version 32.1

1. Fixed bug with CA3D if path to POV-Ray not selected when rendering with POV-Ray.
2. Fixed bug with CA3D that hung CA3D if stopped and started again.
3. Moved frame effects to AVI Build dialog. Effects can now be used on any movie.
4. Added estimate time remaining status message to AVI builds.
5. Removed 2500 object limit for the number of objects in Gravity Simulation.
6. Option to create AVI frames from Gravity Simulation added.
7. 3D Flyover remaining time statistics added.

Version 32.0

1. Fixed bug with Reset Parameters button in OpenGL dialog.
2. Fixed bug that caused iterations scripts to render incorrectly in 3D mode.
3. Merging Mandelbrot/Julia fractals when merge display mode selected for Mandelbrot scripts is much faster.
4. Added motion blur effect option for movie frames.
5. Image Processing routine much faster.
6. Added right-click option for Mandelbrot Sets to merge with Julia Set for current Mandelbrot location.

Version 31.9

1. Fixed bug with Julia Set scripts.
2. 3D Genetic Art renders can now be rotated by clicking and dragging the mouse.
3. Added option to render 3DCA grids at 50 cells wide. Speeds up POV-Ray raytracings.
4. Fixed bug that did not rotate 3DCA POV-Ray frames.
5. New Frame Display option for Mandelbrot movie scripts.
6. Changed the default OpenGL lighting parameters so the results should look OK on most renders.
7. Cleaned up the OpenGL options dialog.
8. Floating point values can now be used for OpenGL options. Helped smooth out the angle steps in flyover movies.
9. OpenGL settings loaded and saved when OpenGL dialog is shown or hidden.

Version 31.8

1. New SIN Blend feature in color palette editor.
2. Added Cancel button to Pinwheel options dialog.
3. Fixed bug that caused app to hang when running Lorenz Waterwheel.
4. Added check to ensure a pattern and rule are loaded prior to starting Tiled CAs.
5. Increased size of Mandelbrot Set in Julia Set options.

Version 31.7

1. Added options to fade in and out AVI movies.
2. Text title effects can now be added to the start of AVI movies.
3. AVI movies can now be created from 1D CA steps.
4. AVI movies can now be created from CCA steps.
5. AVI movies can now be created from Tiled CA steps.
6. AVI movies can now be created from WaTor steps.

Version 31.6

1. Fixed bugs that caused true color BMPs and AVIs to be saved/generated incorrectly (wrong colors or flickering black frames).
2. Added check to ensure "View After Build" is disabled when auto-processing multiple scripts.
3. Added check to ensure default frame creation settings are correct when auto-processing multiple scripts.
4. AVI movies can now be created from Forest Fire simulations.

Version 31.5

1. Support added to load and save 3D CA rules.
2. Fixed bug that caused default BMP save format to sometimes not default to 24-bit true color.
3. AVI Build dialog status bar and preview frame are correctly cleared when dialog displayed.
4. Fixed bug that did not auto-show AVI Build dialog after Reaction-Diffusion simulations if save frames option checked.
5. OpenGL display now matches preview image under 3D options dialog. POV-Ray orientation now matches OpenGL display.
6. Improved OpenGL Flyovers a bit. Still needs to support bezier curves for smoother frames.

Version 31.4

1. Image processing options is now displayed before frame creation if option checked and it hasn't been opened previously.
2. Automatic script builder now defaults to true color frames.
3. OK button disabled on Escape settings dialog until a rule is searched for or a rule is loaded.
4. 3DCA displays using POV-Ray now have option for cubes or spheres for cells. POV-Ray needs heaps of memory to render a full grid of cells.
5. BMPs are saved as 24-bit true color by default. Ensures all saved images matches on screen display.
6. Option enabled to auto-play true color AVI movies once they have been generated.
7. 3DCA display using POV-Ray has option to color shade the cells.
8. Fixed bug that did not update total number of frames in the Flyover Manager.
9. Added browse button to AVI Build dialog so you can select the output directory and filename.

Version 31.3

1. Fixed bug that did not add coordinates of current 3D image correctly.
2. Fixed OpenGL view for 3D CA so image is more centered.
3. 3D CA cells now shaded as their locations in a "color cube" to allow better depth perception.
4. POV-Ray support added for 3D CA.

Version 31.2

1. Lorenz Attractor now displays in black and white if selected.
2. Rossler Attractor now displays in black and white if selected.
3. Fixed a few bugs with 3D CA.
4. Fixed bug that did not stop DLA when edge reached.
5. Zoom buttons are now disabled in Quaternion mode.
6. Improved speed of Quaternions.
7. Fixed bug in automatic script processing that did not set color depth to selected color depth.
8. Improved GDI and User Object consumption on startup.

Version 31.1

1. Fixed bug that did not enable generate menu/button after generating quaternion Julia set.
2. Improved default settings for POV-Ray lights.
3. POV-Ray files are created in memory and then saved rather than writing to the file line by line.
4. Made a few changes to the help file.
5. When Ant Automaton frames are created the stats (rule number and cycle number) are correctly displayed.
6. More than one instance of Visions of Chaos can now be run simultaneously (although I don't recommend too many).
7. Fixed bug that caused a wierd zoom rectangle effect when clicking and dragging over plasmas.

Version 31.0

1. Fixed bug that left mode menu disabled after stopping the generation of Attractors.
2. Added option to generate a range of Ant Automaton rule numbers as JPG files.
3. Ant Automaton settings are now saved in main ini file.
4. Added new attractor type Gumowski-Mira.
5. Symmetric Icon Attractor can now be zoomed correctly.
6. Improved Attractor settings dialog.
7. Added sample Ant Automaton rules.

Version 30.9

1. Added option to customize up to 7 lights in POV-Ray raytracings.
2. Fixed bug with anaglyph if 3d rotation was at angle 0.
3. Fixed bug that caused zoom rectangle to appear in modes it shouldn't.
4. Ensured that temporary POV-Ray files are deleted after each raytrace.
5. Removed radiosity setting for POV-Ray. All it did when enabled is bring the raytracing speed to a crawl.
6. Fixed bug that stopped batch conversion from FRA to BMP working.
7. Got rid of some of the less attractive sample FRA files.
8. Fixed bug that caused Attractor mode to hang if window size was too small.
9. Improved the help file.
10. Fixed bugs with Fractal Dreams Attractor.

Version 30.8

1. Improved POV-Ray lighting.
2. Added POV-Ray output for 3D red/blue glasses anaglyphs.
3. Removed all GIF support. Software patents suck. I have plans to support the new PNG and MNG formats in Visions of Chaos soon.

Version 30.7

1. Fixed bug with color depth setting when building AVI files.
2. Fixed another bug that caused the OpenGL click and drag rotations staying in 3d mode when a new fractal type selected.
3. Disabled click and drag 3D rotations when POV-Ray selected as render engine. No-one has the patience to wait 5 mins per frame.
4. Images can now be saved as JPG files.
5. Images can now be saved as GIF files.
6. Added a top secret easter egg into Visions of Chaos.

Version 30.6

1. Fixed bug with POV-Ray and Escape fractals.
2. Got rid of the annoying white line at the bottom of 1D CA displays.
3. Enabled POV-Ray raytracing output for complex fractals.
4. AVI Build dialog now sets color depth to match the BMP color depth setting. Avoids creating movie frames in true color and then creating a 16 color AVI.
5. POV-Ray support for Genetic Art added.
5. Fixed bug with Genetic Art OpenGL renderings not showing until another mode OpenGL display was shown.

Version 30.5

1. Plasma settings dialog improved.
2. IFS mode enhanced.
3. POV-Ray rotations now match OpenGL preview rotations.

Version 30.4

1. POV-Ray support added for 3D raytracing of fractals.
2. Mode menu is now disabled when app is working. Stops crashes when a new mode is selected before stopping the current mode.

Version 30.3

1. Improved magnetic pendulum simulation when showing plot for each pixel.
2. Fixed bug that did not create wallpaper from 2D CCA images correctly.
3. Added option to image process 2D CCA frames as they are generated.
4. Genetic Bugs 2 settings modified to help simulation last longer before all the bugs die out.

Version 30.2

1. Fixed bug with OpenGL click and drag rotation staying in 3d mode when a new fractal type selected.
2. Added new custom blend method to palette editor.
3. Increased speed of Mandelbrot/Julia generation slightly (every bit helps when creating zoom movies).
4. Default iterations for Magnetic Pendulum was way too high. Changed from 500 to 50. Now 10 times faster.
5. Fixed bug when displaying each plot for Magnetic Pendulum (screen was not being erased correctly).

Version 30.1

1. OpenGL orientation can be adjusted by clicking and dragging preview image.
2. OpenGL views can be rotated in the main window by clicking and dragging (fast PC helps).
3. Fixed bug when tweening Escape fractals.
4. New 3D Flyover Scripts (beta version).

Version 30.0

1. Fixed bug in Lyapunov zooming.
2. W2K cursor problem finally fixed.

Version 29.9

1. Fixed up the help file a bit.
2. Made another change to try and get the cursor showing as a cross correctly under Windows 2000.
3. Lyapunov fractals can now be used to create movies.
4. Lyapunov fractals are now generated in one pass.

Version 29.8

1. L-System Music parameters can now be saved to LSM files.
2. Added ability to create a MIDI file from L-System Music.

Version 29.7

1. Fixed bug with cursor not showing as a cross under W2K (using the I-bar cursor is not the easiest way to acurately zoom in).
2. Added option to image process 2DCA frames as they are generated. Results in some CAs (like the Amoeba rule) looking much more natural.

Version 29.6

1. New attractor type - Fractal Dreams.
2. Fixed Sierpinski Triangle to not plot first 100 points. The first few iterations of the Sierpinski gasket do not usually fall within the gasket pattern. Skipping the first 100 plots allows it to settle down and avoid this error.
3. Fixed bug with Julia Sets not displaying when Mandelbrot right-clicked.

Version 29.5

1. Fixed minor annoyance that hid the splash screen before the main window was fully initialised.
2. Instruments are not all auto-enabled when creating 2D CA music.
3. Fixed bug with the main window that was not the correct size when program run for the first time.

Version 29.4

1. Added load button to L-Systems options form.
2. Fixed bug where Lorenz Attractor hung if graph option not checked.
4. Added options for 2D CA to randomize only survival and/or birth rules.
5. L-Sysytems support MIDI music creation - not very musical at this stage, needs improving.
6. Added a few new preset 2D CA rules.
7. Fixed bug that caused program to hang when loading LIF files.

Version 29.3

1. Converted many of the option forms to be dynamically created as required. Results in a huge reduction in number of GDI and User object resources required. This should get Visions of Chaos running more reliably under Windows 9x platforms and avoid "out of resources" type errors.

Version 29.2

1. Improved ASCII fractal support now allows printing and saving.
2. Fixed bug with OpenGL height averaging that didn't correctly average edges of extrusions.
3. Speed improvement in Genetic Art.
4. Speed improvement for Digital Inkblot for cell size 1.
5. Speed improvement for 1D cellular automata for cell size 1.
6. L-Systems now automatically centers the image on the screen.
7. Added more sample L-Systems parameter files.
8. L-Systems can now be printed.
9. Splash screen changed. No longer displays "slide show" of fractal images. Size of EXE reduced.
10. Added option under Utilities menu to automatically create a Windows group and icons for Visions of Chaos.

Version 29.1

1. Better anaglyph 3D support. Now covers all OpenGL extrusion styles.
2. Full screen mode now fills the screen correctly.
3. ASCII mandelbrots only use "safe" non-hidden characters to avoid display errors.
5. Changed genetic art rule for "j" character to remove a tan call that caused problems.

Version 29.0

1. Support to show 3D fractals in red/blue glasses anaglyph format.
2. Fractal zoom animations can be saved as an animated GIF file.
3. Program menus are a bit more organized (or are they?).

Version 28.9

1. When auto-processing multiple scripts, options are now shown for number of frames per second and color depth of AVI movies created.
3. L-Systems now defaults to solid white color for lines. Option now exists to use current color palette. This is required as unless a suitable color palette is loaded for L-Systems generation the final image may not display correctly (when the palette starts with dark colors).

Version 28.8

1. Reaction-Diffusion types have now been modified to stop instantly when interrupted during generation. Reaction-diffusion algorithms are a slow process to simulate normally and each cycle can take a while to generate (especially at large image sizes).
2. More entries under the image size menu. Now includes preset modes for VCD, SVCD, TV and DVD image sizes for those of you who wish to use Visons Of Chaos to generate AVI movies to be used in the afore mentioned video and video CD formats.

The above version 28.8 was the first version I officially uploaded to the web back around July of 2000. Prior to that it was mainly developed for myself and firends who were also interested in fractals and chaos.