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Softology is my way to entertain, share knowledge and inspire others. This site and Visions of Chaos are produced as a hobby by one person and not a company as some people have assumed.
I am not a professor or academic. 99% of what I do here was self taught from the Internet. You too can learn almost anything online if you dedicate the time to it.

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I am always interested in hearing comments, suggestions, praise and/or criticism from users of Softology software. Did you like the apps? Did you hate them? Let me know.
You can contact me via jason(no-space)rampe(at-symbol) . All emails are 100% private and confidential. You will never be put on any mailing list or get unwanted emails from Softology.

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I tend to tweet whenever I have a new feature or interesting output from Visions of Chaos.

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I have started a Discord for people to discuss Softology, Visions of Chaos and related topics. Feel free to join and invite others who may find it interesting.

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I have original artwork created by myself (with some help from AI and machine learning) available to purchase on OpenSea.
The pieces I sell are what I consider art and they come from many hours of tweaking algorithms and searching for the best results. I could easily have churned out hundreds of low quality images, but I wanted to create art that was visually appealing to myself (and hopefully others).
Please take a look if you are interested in the CryptoArt marketplace. I know there is some hate out there for NFTs so if you fall into that category, don't hold it against me.

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Visions of Chaos subreddit. Check it out if you are on Reddit.

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All costs related to keeping the website and software free and without ads come from my own pocket.
If you find my software or content useful and want to help support and encourage future developments you can make a payment to me using the following methods;
1. You can make a one off or recurring payment via PayPal.
2. You can join my Patreon and help by making a monthly pledge.
3. Consider purchasing some of my CryptoArt on OpenSea
Thank you for your consideration to support Softology.