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Visions of Chaos Users Gallery
Images in this gallery were created by other people using Visions of Chaos over the past years. The small image sizes show how far back some of these go, when 640x480 was a full screen image. If you have some images you created using Visions of Chaos (or think you can do better) and would like to see them here, contact me. I am always interested in seeing what other people can create using Visions of Chaos.

Jocelyn Jensen
Jocelyn has a great selection of images she created using Visions of Chaos.

Adam Day
Adam has a nice selection of movies and images created with Visions of Chaos.

Click here to see a set of Visions of Chaos images.

Ray Dulski
Click here to see Ray's gallery of images. His movie "Flights Of Chaos" is also available here.

Click here to see a gallery of Mandelbulb images.

Lari Lucien
Click here to see Lari's galleries of Mandelbulbs.

Roy Waidler
rwcanyons.jpg rwdreamer.jpg rwevolutionofmagic.jpg rwlandscape.jpg rwquantumbutterfly.jpg rwtheeyesofbast.jpg

Michael Polinchak
Michael created the following images using Visions of Chaos. His incredibly detailed IFS images are the best I have seen anyone create with Visions of Chaos.
Click here to see more of his artwork.
3DFractalLandscapeVII.jpg BrightandTight.jpg WoodyIII.jpg FractalLandscapeVIII.jpg 3DFractalLandscapeVI.jpg GeneticPsychedelic001.jpg chocolatecolumns.jpg sierpinskisandstone.jpg 407508.jpg 413341.jpg BlueNebula.jpg 403238.jpg 417392.jpg 424535.jpg 390385.jpg

Odd Nydren
Odd Nydren used Visions of Chaos reaction diffusion modes to add effects to videos. Check out his homepage here. The movies are no longer online but they were a very cool example of using Visions of Chaos for something different and unique as these thumbnails show.
otto_darklands.jpg otto_hardpatches.jpg otto_iblues_inv.jpg otto_widelines.jpg

Fabio Keiner
Click here to see Fabio's gallery that contains Genetic Art, IFS and Flame images.

AlienFace.jpg RainbowSPiralinSpikes.jpg GhostshipInRed.jpg Angel.jpg MossDino.jpg DragonsWings.jpg

Chris Fryer
Chris created the following images using the Flame mode of Visions of Chaos.
cf1.jpg cf6.jpg cf5.jpg cf4.jpg cf12.jpg cf13.jpg

Bill Dahlhauser
Bill uses Visions of Chaos to create textures for some of his Bryce creations.
weirdoness.jpg initiation.jpg fractaluniverse.jpg

Sky Blue Hope
Eruption Supreme Like A Thief In The Night The Hills Are Alive Flower Blossom Magic II Purple Icycle Land Heaven's Golden Gate Blue Star Super Nova II End Of The World II

Images by YOU
Have you been inspired by the above works? Created something in Visions of Chaos you want the world to see? Contact me and your images could be on this page.