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Visions of Chaos has many modes that cover fractal and chaos related topics. The modes are selected from the Mode menu. The modes are arranged under submenus that group them to similar modes.

To change to a specific mode, click Menu, then the sub-menu topic and then the mode you wish to use.

For example, if you wanted to create images of Mandelbrot Set fractals you change into the Mandelbrot mode by selecting Mode->Fractals->Mandelbrot Set.

The selected mode and parent group are always shown with a check to make it easier to see what mode you have selected.

Notice that the selected mode is shown both on the title bar and the lower left area of the status bar.

Once you select a mode it will automatically start and the specific mode's option dialog will appear.

Starting and stopping modes
Once a mode is selected you start, stop and reset the mode with the following toolbar buttons.

The buttons from left to right are Reset, Stop and Play. Think of these buttons as controls on a DVD player.

Reset sets the mode back to point that the mode was first selected. This is usefull for when you are zoomed very deep into a fractal and want to get back to the starting point quickly, rather than having to zoom out mutliple times.

Stop will stop or interupt an image being created or a simulation being run. Note that clicking the image being generated will do the same as clicking the stop button.

Play starts an image being generated or resumes a simulation.

Status bar
The status bar will always have useful information and give feedback to what Visions of Chaos is doing.

The left most panel displays the current mode name.

The next panel displays a % done status when calculating lengthy images.

The third panel is a general information area. Look here to see what Visions of Chaos is currently processing or calculating.

The far right panel displays the mouse X and Y coordinates.

Image size
Resize the window to create larger or smaller images.

There are also a bunch of standard image sizes under the Image->Preset Image Sizes menu.

If the selected size is larger than your screen resolution scroll bars will appear.

Sample files
Visions of Chaos contains over 2,200 sample files that show the possibilites of what the various modes can produce. If the mode you are using has a load or save button, click Load and have a look at the provided sample files.