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Visions of Chaos Zooming Tutorial
Zooming allows a closer look at fractals and is essential for many of the modes within Visions of Chaos.

If zooming is allowed then the two zoom icons on the toolbar will be enabled.

The cursor will also turn into a cross shape when zooming is available.

To zoom in there are three possible methods

1. Move the cross cursor to the part of the fractal you want to zoom into and then click and drag to expand the zoom box to the area you wish to enlarge.

2. Click the zoom in button and the zoombox will be automatically shown centered on the fractal image.

The zoom box can be resized by clicking and dragging either the edges or corners of the zoom box.

The zoom box can be moved by clicking and dragging within the zoom box.

Once you have the area of the fractal highlighted you wish to zoom into, click the small + symbol within the zoom box (or click the zoom in button on the toolbar) to zoom. The zoom in area will expand and the new image will be generated.

3. Single-click (ie do not click and drag) the center of the fractal area you want to zoom into. The zoombox will be shown centered at the location of the click. You can then expand the zoom box if necessary before clicking the toolbar zoom in button to zoom in.

To zoom back out of an image, click the zoom out button on the toolbar.

TipTip: If you are zoomed in multiple times and want to get back to starting point of the fractal, clicking the Reset button on the toolbar will instantly zoom out all the way to the initial zoom position.