Visions Of Chaos FHP Lattice Gas Automata Tutorial

Lattice Gas Automata (LGA) are a simplified model of gas and/or fluid flow. The FHP LGA model comes from Uriel Frisch, Brosl Hasslacher and Yves Pomeau and was introduced in 1986.


The FHP LGA is based on a hexagonal grid.

The rules for collisions are more complicated the simpler HPP LGA. The models include particles moving in 6 directions, 1 way collisions, 3 way collisions and stationary (rest) particles.

The Different FHP LGA Models

Visions Of Chaos includes the three FHP LGA models. The images are a snapshot of a simulation that started from a highly dense circle in the middle of the screen and show the shockwave moving outwards.

FHP I - The simplest method. It supports 1 way and 3 way collisions.

FHP II - Same as FHP I but has additional rest particles (particles that can stop moving).

FHP II - Same as FHP II but has additional rules. This is the most accurate FHP model.

Other FHP LGA Settings

Particle colors - The color for moving particles, stationary particles and the background can be customised.

Create AVI frames - saves the steps of the simulation so that an AVI movie can be created. Here is a quick sample movie