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Version 74.8 - 4th of December, 2019
1. Added begging for donations prompt every 250th time Visions of Chaos is launched.

Version 74.7 - 30th of November, 2019
1. Fixed bug with OpenGL rendering on PCs with dual monitors with different resolutions.

2. Added favorites to GLSL Shaders mode.

3. Mitusuba Renderer is now automatically downloaded and configured the first time it is used.

Version 74.6 - 8th of November, 2019
1. Added DeepDream image processing.

Version 74.5 - 4th of October, 2019
1. Added more options to Style Transfer image processing.

Version 74.4 - 30th of September, 2019
1. Improved Style Transfer image processing.

Version 74.3 - 27th of September, 2019
1. Fixed bug with MSTP expanding space.

Version 74.2 - 22nd of September, 2019
1. Fixed bug with automatic update checker failing.

2. Added new LSTM Music Composer mode.

Version 74.1 - 16th of September, 2019
1. Added supersample option to Eulerian Fluid mode.

2. Added CNN neural network searching to 2D Cellular Automata mode.

Version 74.0 - 13th of August, 2019
1. Added new Hexagonal Cellular Automata mode.

Version 73.9 - 22nd of July, 2019
1. Added new Triangular Cellular Automata mode.

Version 73.8 - 30th of June, 2019
1. Added more options to Species simulation mode.

Version 73.7 - 22nd of June, 2019
1. Added new Species simulation mode.

Version 73.6 - 5th of June, 2019
1. Options added for Quaternion background color or image file.

Version 73.5 - 26th of May, 2019
1. Fixed bug with GLSL Shader slideshow crashing.

2. Save dialog boxes now pre-fill with last loaded file name.

3. Bug reports are now sent to a Gmail account to avoid false positive virus detections.

Version 73.4 - 18th of May, 2019
1. Fixed bug with Quaternion mode hanging with endless looping.

Version 73.3 - 11th of May, 2019
1. Added new Physarum Pixel Flow image processing.

2. Fixed bug with update checking.

Version 73.2 - 4th of May, 2019
1. Added new Primordial Particle Systems mode.

2. Fixed bug that caused user specified palette files to not show in orbit trap drop downs.

3. Added option to disable zoom box animations.

Version 73.1 - 19th of April, 2019
1. Added second Physarum Simulation mode.

Version 73.0 - 16th of April, 2019
1. Portable installation bug fixed that created a Visions of Chaos folder under My Documents.

Version 72.9 - 10th of April, 2019
1. Added new Physarum Simulation mode.

2. Fixed minor bug with GLSL Editor scrolling.

Version 72.8 - 3rd of April, 2019
1. Added more color palette creation options.

2. Fixed minor bug with mousewheel scrolling on color palette browser window.

Version 72.7 - 2nd of April, 2019
1. Added more color palette creation options.

Version 72.6 - 1st of April, 2019
1. Fixed bugs with orbit traps under Mandelbrot, Ducks and Root-finding fractal modes.

2. Fixed bugs with screen saver.

Version 72.5 - 31st of March, 2019
1. Added support for Style Transfer GAN image processing.

2. Improved support for user created color palettes.

Version 72.4 - 25th of March, 2019
1. Added more color palette creation methods.

2. Flame fractal searching must faster.

Version 72.3 - 23rd of March, 2019
1. Added more color palette creation methods.

2. Color palette browser loading much faster.

3. More sample color palettes included.

Version 72.2 - 21st of March, 2019
1. Bug fixed that caused image sizing issues when going from full screen mode to normal mode.

2. Color palette browser speed increased.

3. More color palettes added (3371 in total now).

Version 72.1 - 20th of March, 2019
1. Increased variety perlin and simplex noise palette generators can create.

2. Mandelbrot and Lyapunoiv GLSL options correctly disabled when GLSL version detected as less than 4.

3. Many modules now load a random sample at startup to show a wider variety to new users.

Version 72.0 - 19th of March, 2019
1. Added new simplex noise color palette creator.

2. Perlin image flow now uses smooth bilinear interpolation.

3. Fixed bugs with saving to BMP files when BMP filename had spaces in it.

Version 71.9 - 17th of March, 2019
1. Added new perlin noise color palette creator.

2. Mandelbrot mode now uses GLSL by default for huge speedup.

Version 71.8 - 14th of March, 2019
1. 3D Strange Attractor settings can now be saved and loaded.

2. Color palette loading is more robust against errors within map files.

3. Fixed bug that could cause Eulerian fluids to crash without warning.

4. Fixed bug with HPP LGA particles not colliding correctly.

Version 71.7 - 13th of March, 2019
1. Added Vorticity Confinement to Eulerian MAC Fluid Simulation mode.

Version 71.6 - 11th of March, 2019
1. Added new Eulerian MAC Fluid Simulation mode.

Version 71.5 - 28th of February, 2019
1. Added alpha blend setting for 3d Gravity and 3D Gravity Set modes.

2. Added new 3d Jos Stam Fluid Simulation mode.

3. Fixed bug with missing Wiggle Gif option for Mandelbulb mode.

4. Aspect ratio bug fixed with 2D Gravity Set mode.

5. Replaced threading library so multithreaded algorithms no longer cause the program to randomly crash or hang.

6. Fixed bug that stopped crashes when multiple Mitsuba and/or RenderMan renders are happening together and trying to write to the same output file(s).

Version 71.4 - 9th of February, 2019
1. Added new 3D Gravity Set Fractal mode.

2. Improved speed of 2D Gravity Set Fractals.

Version 71.3 - 5th of February, 2019
1. Added option for cell display size in BML Traffic mode.

2. Added option for display pixel size in Ant Simulation mode.

3. Added option for display pixel size in Termites mode.

4. Fixed bug with Multiple Script Statistics dialog being too small.

5. Added Noisify Image image processing option.

6. Updated SICx32.DLL to avoid false-positive virus detections.

Version 71.2 - 29th of January, 2019
1. Added new 3D Gravity coloring options.

2. Added extra options to Multi-scale Turing Patterns searching.

3. Fixed bug with some dialogs not staying on top of main window.

4. Fixed bug that caused main window to incorrectly minimize sometimes.

Version 71.1 - 13th of January, 2019
1. Improved 3D Gravity mode.

Version 71.0 - 3rd of January, 2019
1. Upgraded included SICx DLLs to latest v5.1.1.

Version 70.9 - 29th of December, 2018
1. Fixed bug that caused exception when detecting OpenCL support at startup.

Version 70.8 - 28th of December, 2018
1. Added black hole option to 3D Gravity Simulation mode.

Version 70.7 - 23rd of December, 2018
1. Rewrote the 3D Gravity Simulation code.

Version 70.6 - 16th of December, 2018
1. Fixed bug with dialog sizes under high DPI displays.
2. Added crossbreed option to MergeLife Cellular Automata.
3. Added Mandelbrot Orbit Trap shaders to the Custom Formula Editor mode.

Version 70.5 - 12th of December, 2018
1. Added new MergeLife Cellular Automata mode.

Version 70.4 - 10th of December, 2018
1. Fixed bug with Buddhabrot zooming.

2. Added Buddhabrot support to movie scripts.

Version 70.3 - 8th of December, 2018
1. Multiple script processing now has more stats when getting ready so it doesn't look like it has hung.

2. Fixed bug with taskbar icon incorrectly displaying under XP.

3. Ants simulation speed vastly increased.

4. Ripple tank simulations 4 times faster.

5. Added new Pixel Sort image processing option.

6. Moved Buddhabrot Fractals to their own mode outside the Mandelbrot dialog.

Version 70.2 - 4th of December, 2018
1. All dialogs are now double buffered for reduced flickering.

Version 70.1 - 3rd of December, 2018
1. Fixed bug that could cause Custom Fractal Mode movies to sometimes crash without warning.

Version 70.0 - 2nd of December, 2018
1. Added new Smooth Life Cellular Automata mode.

2. Custom Formula Editor mode renders much faster now with auto-adjusting GLSL tiling.

Version 69.9 - 26th of November, 2018
1. Fixed bug with image processing.

Version 69.8 - 23rd of November, 2018
1. Added more image processing options to movie build process.

Version 69.7 - 22nd of November, 2018
1. GLSL Shader Editor and Custom Formula Editor dialogs now correctly sync font changes.

Version 69.6 - 21st of November, 2018
1. Added new GLSL based Image Processing.

2. Updated automatic update checked to use new HTTPS website.

3. Fixed bug with highlighting digits in shaders and custom fractals.

Version 69.5 - 19th of November, 2018
1. Improved color syntax highlighting for shaders and custom formulas.

2. Improved speed of loading Custom Formula files.

Version 69.4 - 13th of November, 2018
1. Fixed bug with portable installs.

2. Added option to show multiple pendulum plots at once.

3. Color palette files now saved under the "My Documents" folder rather than "appdata".

Version 69.3 - 8th of November, 2018
1. Added new 3D Rock Paper Scissors Cellular Automata mode.

2. Added new 2D Particle Life mode.

3. Added new 3D Particle Life mode.

4. Fixed bug with Mandelbulb cube mapped environmental backgrounds.

Version 69.2 - 24th of October, 2018
1. Fixed bug with colored Multi-Scale Turing Pattern output.

2. Multi-Scale Turning Patterns now up to twice as fast.

Version 69.1 - 22nd of October, 2018
1. User data files now default to being skept under dosuments.

2. Added color capabilities to Multi-Scale Turing Patterns mode.

3. Fixed minor bug when saving images.

Version 69.0 - 16th of October, 2018
1. User data files are now kept separate from the included examples.

2. Fixed color palette editor 4K display issues.

3. Fixed bugs with Complex Plane Fractals mode.

Version 68.9 - 17th of September, 2018
1. Added new 1D Extended Neighborhood Cellular Automata mode.

Version 68.8 - 3rd of September, 2018
1. Added new 3D Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics mode.

Version 68.7 - 8th of August, 2018
1. Removed invalid scales from midi output settings.

2. Startup errors can now be detected and repaired.

3. Pause function added so lengthy CPU intensive jobs can be paused if necessary.

4. Bug that caused portable installations not to prompt for destination folder fixed.

Version 68.6 - 13th of July, 2018
1. Added crossbreed mutations to Video Feedback Simulation mode.

2. Added better debug exception handling so I can fix bugs easier.

Version 68.5 - 1st of July, 2018
1. Added new Multiple Rule Cellular Automata mode.

2. Fixed bug when creating Windows backgrounds.

Version 68.4
1. Single icon for Visions of Chaos created to match 32-bit or 64-bit Windows OS it is installed on.

2. OpenCL 3D Gravity now works on 64-bit version.

Version 68.3 - 23rd of May, 2018
1. Flame Fractal search algorithms improved further.

Version 68.2 - 22nd of May, 2018
1. Flame Fractal search algorithms improved.

2. Fixed bug that hid progress dialog when updater was downloading new versions.

Version 68.1 - 12th of May, 2018
1. Date.w in shaders is now passed correctly as floating point seconds.

2. Bug that caused loading lif files in CA2D mode to fail fixed.

3. Bug with Virtual Creatures random button fixed.

4. Flame Fractal search algorithms improved.

5. Added new 2D and 3D Stochastic Cellular Automata modes.

6. Added more options to Genetic Art 3 automatic evolution.

Version 68.0 - 24th of April, 2018
1. Upgraded internal SICX32.DLL so it no longer gets detected as a false positive virus by some antivirus software.

Version 67.9 - 20th of April, 2018
1. Added Spring Pendulums mode.

2. Added option to auto-hide toolbar when in full screen mode.

Version 67.8 - 6th of April, 2018
1. Added new 3D Multiple Neighborhoods Cellular Automata mode.

Version 67.7 - 31st of March, 2018
1. Added more Multiple Neighborhoods Cellular Automata shaders.

Version 67.6 - 23rd of March, 2018
1. Added Rock Paper Scissors Cellular Automata mode.

2. Toolbar button icons now correctly scale for all DPI settings.

Version 67.5 - 17th of March, 2018
1. Color palette extraction from images much faster.

2. Bug with 3D History Dependant Cellular Automata fixed.

Version 67.4 - 9th of March, 2018
1. Added new Multiple Neighborhoods Cellular Automata mode.

Version 67.3 - 4th of March, 2018
1. Double pendulum, triple pendulum and quadruple pendulum sonification improved.

2. Undo button added to Ducks fractal dialog.

3. New 3D History Dependent Cellular Automata mode added.

4. Bug with ca 2d mutator fixed.

Version 67.2 - 23rd of February, 2018
1. Magentic Pendulum mode now multi-threaded.

Version 67.1 - 20th of February, 2018
1. Zoom and pan buttons added to Mandelbrot and Ducks preview images for easier navigation.

2. Root-Finding Fractals are now multi-threaded.

3. New History Dependent Cellular Automata 2 mode added.

Version 67.0 - 19th of February, 2018
1. Fixed bug with Ducks Fractals stalks orbit traps display.

2. F11 key now correctly toggles from full screen to normal mode.

3. Fixed bug that caused some 2D cellular automata modes to not correctly fill the display window.

Version 66.9 - 16th of February, 2018
1. Ducks Fractals code changed to multi-threaded to take advantage of multi-core CPUs.

2. Alternating Neighborhoods Cellular Automata modes can now be rendered using 3D stacked generations display.

3. Fixed bug that caused Mitsuba Renderer to fail if Visions of Chaos image folder had a space in the name.

4. Fixed bug that caused Mitsuba renders to be slightly off center.

Version 66.8 - 12th of February, 2018
1. Added "stacked generations" 3D display option for 2D Cellular Automata, History Dependent Cellular Automata and Indexed Totalistic Cellular Automata.

2. Fixed bug with printing that printed blank pages on some printers.

3. Added printer support for more 2D Strange Attractor types.

Version 66.7 - 8th of February, 2018
1. Added 5 new 2D Strange Attractors.

2. Increased speed of most 2D Cellular Automata modes.

Version 66.6 - 5th of February, 2018
1. New History Dependant Cellular Automata mode added.

Version 66.5 - 1st of February, 2018
1. New Alternating Neighborhoods Cellular Automata mode added.

Version 66.4 - 29th of January, 2018
1. New Zhang Cellular Automata mode added.

Version 66.3 - 27th of January, 2018
1. New Two Steps Back Cellular Automata mode added.

Version 66.2 - 26th of January, 2018
1. Added Perlin Noise Flow image processing option.

2. Added Perlin Flow as VF3 option.

3. New Indexed Totalistic Cellular Automata mode added.

Version 66.1 - 21st of January, 2018
1. New Ant Automata 2 mode added.

2. New 2D Accretor Cellular Automata mode added.

3. New 3D Strange Attractor 2 mode added.

Version 66.0 - 12th of January, 2018
1. New 3D Accretor Cellular Automata mode added.

Version 65.9 - 3rd of January, 2018
1. Nonlinear Voter Model CA now multi-threaded.

2. Majority Rule CA now multi-threaded.

3. Lattice-Boltzmann Method 1 mode now multi-threaded.

4. New Block Cellular Automata mode added.

5. New Stepping Stone Cellular Automata mode added.

Version 65.8
1. Added animation capability to Custom Fractal Formula mode.

Version 65.7
1. 4D CA mode now multithreaded.

2. Multiphase Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics mode now multithreaded.

3. YYF mode now multi-threaded.

4. Large Neighborhood Totalistic Cellular Automata now multi-threaded.

5. Liquid Crystal Cellular Automata now multi-threaded.

6. Fixed bug with creating uncompressed AVI movie files.

7. XVID and H265 format movies' color ranges now correctly use full 0-255 RGB and not clipped 16-235 RGB ranges.

8. Coupled Cellular Automata 2 now multi-threaded.

9. Fixed bug with saving full screen toolbar menu position.

Version 65.6
1. Fixed bugs with and streamlined startup sequence.

Version 65.5
1. Added 64 new GUI themes.

2. Themes enabled for XP.

Version 65.4
1. Fixed bug with full screen floating menu when running under Windows XP.

Version 65.3
1. Added new 4D Cellular Automata mode.

2. Fixed bug that caused scrollbars to incorrectly appear when program loaded with theming applied.

3. Fixed bug with floating menu fade out/in when in full screen GLSL mode.

4. Fixed bug that sometimes caused buttons to ignore single clicks and require double-clicks.

Version 65.2
1. Viscoeleastic particle positions and velocities can now be exported as CSV format for usage in other programs.

Version 65.1
1. Color palettes can now be setup at each script point for smooth color changing while movies are generated.

Version 65.0
1. Options added for how Visions of Chaos handles going to and from full screen mode.

Version 64.9
1. All window sizes/states/position now saved when Visions of Chaos is quit.

2. Option added to color WaTor fish to track breeding.

3. Color intensity option added to Video Feedback 3 mode.

Version 64.8
1. Fixed bug with Video Feedback 3 interlacing algorithm.

Version 64.7
1. Fixed bug with OBJ/MTL material colors not working for C4D.

2. Interlacing option added to Video Feedback 3 mode.

Version 64.6
1. Cube colors now exported with OBJ files as MTL material files.

Version 64.5
1. Bloom option added to Video Feedback 3 mode.

2. Fixed bug with 3D CA OBJ export skipping cube faces.

3. Fixed bug with Cube Divider OBJ export saving to wrong directory.

Version 64.4
1. Option added to launch Visions of Chaos in full screen mode.

Version 64.3
1. Option to check for updates once per day now correctly saved to ini file.

Version 64.2
1. OBJ export added to Voxel Automata Terrain mode.

Version 64.1
1. OBJ file sequences can now be created from supported modes.

Version 64.0
1. Fixed minor bug with 3D CA dialog.

Version 63.9
1. Disk space now checked during movie frame creation to warn if space is about to run out.

2. Splatting display option added to LBM2 mode.

3. Fixed bug that caused a crash when rendering Lorenz Attractors.

Version 63.8
1. Added support for Bedhead Strange Attractors.

Version 63.7
1. Fixed bug with Color Palette Editor eye dropper.

Version 63.6
1. Batch convert added to Video Feedback 3 mode.

2. Option added to merge movie and audio files together.

3. Fixed bug that crashed Mandelbulb mode when not using GPU calculations.

Version 63.5
1. Bug with Escape Fractals fixed.

Version 63.4
1. Minor visual bugs fixed.

Version 63.3
1. Minor bug in Shader Editor fixed.

Version 63.2
1. Added option to use Pixar RenderMan for 3D scenes.

2. Video Feedback 3 mode can now use an image as the initial frame.

3. Shader Editor and Custom Formula Editor dialogs now resize to fit smaller resolution screens.

Version 63.1
1. Added new 3D Voxel Automata Terrain mode.

Version 63.0
1. Fixed bug with Cube Divider auto-positioning being off center.

2. 3d Cellular Automaton can now use spheres to render cells.

Version 62.9
1. Improved Mitusba renderer options.

2. 3D Cyclic Cellular Automata now has options to use Mitsuba renderer.

3. 3D CA mode now has option to use Mitsuba renderer.

4. 3D Ant Automata mode now has option to use Mitsuba renderer.

5. 3D Hodgepodge CA mode now has option to use Mitsuba renderer.

6. Cube Divider mode now has option to use Mitsuba renderer.

7. Mitsuba spawned as a seperate thread to avoid "not responding" app hangs.

Version 62.8
1. 64-bit Visions of Chaos now included with standard installer.

2. New 3d Virtual Creatures mode added.

3. Image filter options added to AVI build dialog.

4. Improved 3D DLA mode and added support for Mitsuba renderer.

Version 62.7
1. Added new Lattice Boltzmann Method mode.

Version 62.6
1. Added 5 segment Virtual Creatures.

Version 62.5
1. Added 4 segment Virtual Creatures.

Version 62.4
1. Sample files, palettes, scripts and shaders are now stored under the per user %APPDATA% folder.

2. Box2D physics engine added.

3. Evolved Virtual Creatures mode added.

Version 62.3
1. Added Clifford Attractors.

2. Added Peter DeJong Attractors.

3. Added Johnny Svensson Attractors.

4. Fixed bug that caused preset 3D Ant Automata dropdown to not set rules correctly.

Version 62.2
1. Added new Fractal Spirograph mode.

Version 62.1
1. Added disk space stats to script statistics dialogs.

2. Stopped flickering on startup and when changing UI themes.

Version 62.0
1. Fixed bug with auto-hiding mouse cursor when fullscreen shaders are running.

2. Zoom box now much smoother whewn dragging over large sized images.

Version 61.9
1. Theming enabled for Windows 7. Disabled for Vista, XP and earlier OSs.

2. Fixed bug in Lyapunov script rendering.

3. Fixed Root Finding script aspect ratio calculation that could lead to corrupted frames in some scripts.

4. Custom Formula Editor now has right-click cut, copy, paste etc commands.

5. New Meta-Mandelbrot fractal formula added.

Version 61.8
1. Fixed bug that caused scripts rendered at 4K size to be unstable and cause application crashes.

2. Theming auto-disabled for Vista and earlier OS as it causes display problems with the OS.

3. Program startup and shutdown speeds improved.

4. Default GLSL editor font size now reduced to 11 for non-4K displays.

5. Styles disabled for Windows dialogs (file open etc) as they caused problems with dialogs being shown shrunk or cut off.

Version 61.7
1. Added new Sandpile Automata mode.

2. Fixed bug that caused statusbar text to not size correctly size within panels.

3. Fullscreen GLSL shaders hiding of toolbar and cursor improved.

4. BZ mode now renamed correctly to Hodgepodge Machine.

5. New 3D Hodgepodge Machine Cellular Automata mode added.

6. Fixed bug with using images to seed Gray-Scott Reaction Diffusion.

Version 61.6
1. GLSL Shader toolbar now auto hides when in full screen mode.

2. All sample GLSL shaders now edited to pass all warning and error checks.

3. Option added to validate shader code using Kronos glslangValidator compiler.

4. Shader editor and custom formula editor forms now correctly size to fit screen when theming is applied.

5. Fixed nasty bug that caused Ripple Tank mode to reset data directory to \ which caused other sample files to be inaccessible.

6. Minor bugs with window borders when using themes fixed.

Version 61.5
1. Rolled back OpenGL version checking so program runs on older video cards.

Version 61.4
1. Fixed bug that caused 3D Strange Attractors mode to crash.

Version 61.3
1. Script manager form now sizable.

2. Corrected Julia tranformation in Flame Fractals mode.

3. 3D DLA speed increase when rendering lots of spheres/particles.

4. Zoom button added to Script Stats and Multiple Script Stats dialogs so stats can be seen easier from a distance.

5. If a script crashes during rendering it will be resumed when program is relaunched.

6. Added matrix coloring and mirroring options to the Video Feedback 3 mode.

Version 61.2
1. Improved Flame Fractal mode.

2. Added movie joiner option to concatenate movie file parts.

3. Added more debug tracking to help fix user reported bugs.

4. Added matrix multiplication option to the color palette editor to allow more color variations in existing palettes.

Version 61.1
1. Added simulated erosion to Fractal Terrain mode.

Version 61.0
1. Added new Cell Conquest mode.

Version 60.9
1. Made more changes to Coupled Cellular Automata 2 mode.

Version 60.8
1. Fixed bug with Mandelbulb movie frames not being saved.

Version 60.7
1. Added new Coupled CA 2 mode.

2. Added matrix coloring to Coupled CA mode.

Version 60.6
1. Added image processing options to Video Feedback 3 mode.

2. Fixed bug with deleting PNG format frame files.

Version 60.5
1. Frame files now default to BMP format for speed. Can be changed to PNG if disk space is an issue.

2. Added new Video Feedback 3 mode.

Version 60.4
1. Saved PNG image files are now smaller without losing any lossless quality.

2. Added new Harmonograph simulator mode.

3. Bug with color palette browser fixed.

4. Added new stats window when auto-converting multiple scripts.

Version 60.3
1. Mandelbulb mode script frames now retain background PNG transparency for importing/merging into other applications.

2. Bug fixed that caused some older scripts to not load correctly.

Version 60.2
1. FFmpeg now uses 64 bit version so all movie formats now build successfully with 4K sized source frames.

Version 60.1
1. Custom Formulas can now be rendered to images larger than your screen size.

2. Fixed bug that did not delete frame files once movie file finished building.

3. Zoom movies are now a more consistant stable speed rather than speeding up as zooming in.

Version 60.0
1. Frame files now saved as PNG format to save disk space.

2. H265 movie format now defaults to lossless for best quality.

Version 59.9
1. 2D and 3D Ant Automata rules can now be entered as either decimal or binary/base 4 formats.

2. Fixed bug with Flame fractal dialog Advanced button not resizing dialog correctly on high DPI displays.

3. Added new Custom Fractal Formula Compiler mode.

4. Image processing options simplified to a sub-menu for easier access.

5. Added percentage bar to movie buiild dialog.

Version 59.8
1. Fixed smoothness of dragging zoom box on large sized windows.

2. Fixed bug that incorrectly sized scrollbar for GLES editor window.

3. Improved screen saver support when using multiple monitors.

Version 59.7
1. Fixed bug that put floating menu in the wrong positions when dual monitors used.

Version 59.6
1. Improved 2D and 3D DLA modes.

Version 59.5
1. Fixed bug that caused movie build dialog to show incorrectly when themes were enabled.

Version 59.4
1. Added support for High DPI displays.

Version 59.3
1. Default movie build format now H264 as Windows Media Player has trouble with H265. H265 format movies can still be created.

Version 59.2
1. GLSL shaders are now stored under their own subfolder.

Version 59.1
1. Portable install option now added as an installation time checkbox.

Version 59.0
1. Added option to copy Visions of Chaos to a USB device to run "portable".

Version 58.9
1. Simplified movie build process.

2. Fixed bug when movie builds ignored FPS setting.

Version 58.8
1. Added support for HVEC (H265) movie output.

Version 58.7
1. Added Rayleigh-Taylor Instability support for Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics mode.

Version 58.6
1. Added 3D point cloud OBJ export for 3D Strange Attractors.

Version 58.5
1. GLSL shader toolbar next and back buttons can now be clicked without having to stop the current shader being generated.

Version 58.4
1. New high resolution icon to match Android version.

Version 58.3
1. Fixed memory leak when creating GLSL movies.

Version 58.2
1. Visions of Chaos can now use up to 4GB of total RAM (up from 2GB) depending on OS.

2. Fixed bug that caused FFMPEG movie build to render incorrectly if frame sequence had gaps in the numbers.

Version 58.1
1. Fixed bug that caused Mandelbulb mode to crash with latest NVidia drivers update.

Version 58.0
1. Added new New and Delete buttons to easily create new GLSL shaders.

Version 57.9
1. Windows system dialogs now use selected theme skin.

Version 57.8
1. 2D Strange Attractors now use supersampling for smoother non-pixelated output.

2. Fixed bug with Cube Divider auto-sizing for non standard divisions.

3. Reaction Diffusion and Multi-State Turing Pattern modes now start with nicer preset settings.

Version 57.7
1. Smoothed plot lines for Lorenz and Rossler attractors.

2. Divided the Cellular Automata menu into submenus by dimensions.

Version 57.6
1. 3D Spirograph plots are now correctly auto-sized to view window when loaded.

2. Fixed bug with auto-update checking.

Version 57.5
1. Fixed bug with auto-update check routines.

1. Improved Lorenz Waterwheel mode.

Version 57.4
1. Added Invert button to color palette editor.

Version 57.3
1. Fixed rare bug that caused Aero to be disabled when Visions of Chaos started on some PCs.

Version 57.2
1. Visions of Chaos now automatically checks for updates once per day.

2. Smoother flicker free splash screen and startup.

Version 57.1
1. Improved Image Processing dialog features.

Version 57.0
1. Improved support when running on dual monitor systems.

Version 56.9
1. Added submenu to easily change between UI themes.

Version 56.8
1. Added oversampling option to Large Neighbourhood Totalistic Cellular Automata mode.

2. Updated the new version update check functionality.

Version 56.7
1. Added new Large Neighbourhood Totalistic Cellular Automata mode.

2. Color palette editor enhanced.

Version 56.6
1. Color palette editor reorganised and enhanced.

Version 56.5
1. Lyapunov Fractal mode up to 1000x faster thanks to GLSL shader conversion.

Version 56.4
1. Smoothed plots for double, triple and quadruple pendulum simulations.

2. Added log coloring to Bifurcation mode.

Version 56.3
1. Added more theme skins.

2. Improved the Bifurcation mode.

Version 56.2
1. Improved support for printing Mandelbrots across multiple pages.

2. New program icon.

Version 56.1
1. Fix bug that caused the screen saver mode to crash.

2. Stopped user clicking multiple Genetic Art samples quickly that caused crashes.

3. Reorganised mode menu.

Version 56.0
1. Fixed out of memory errors when generating A2 sized images.

2. Removed extremely out of date help. No help is better than incorrect help.

3. Enabled floating point settings for Popcorn Strange Attractors.

Version 55.9
1. 3D Attractor mutation dialog now autosizes to fit screen.

2. Video Feedback option screen now fully visible on screen without having to scroll.

Version 55.8
1. Fixed aspect ratio when printing Mandelbrot fractals across multiple pages.

2. Added Check For New Version menu option.

Version 55.7
1. Fixed bug when printing Mandelbrot fractals across multiple pages.

2. Added Reset Settings button to easily restore all settings to defaults.

Version 55.6
1. Printer dialog simplified.

2. Printer support for larger images improved.

Version 55.5
1. Added support so all 2D modes can be rendered to image sizes larger than the screen.

2. Fixed bug that caused a crash if the main image was right-clicked.

Version 55.4
1. All dialog sizes fixed when UI styling applied.

2. Enhanced zoom box so it expands more smoothly when resized quickly on large image sizes.

Version 55.3
1. UI styling much more stable now.

2. Fixed bug with image processing frames.

Version 55.2
1. Improved UI styling.

2. Changed toolbar icons to the newer flat look of Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Version 55.1
1. Fixed memory leak when image processing large bitmaps.

2. Added experimental skinning/theme support.

Version 55.0
1. Merged the Load Color Palette and Edit Color Palette dialogs into a single Change Color Palette dialog.

2. Added option to image process a series of BMP files outside the usual movie building sequence.

Version 54.9
1. Fixed minor bug with OpenGL preset light setups.

Version 54.8
1. Added slideshow option to watch OpenGLSL shaders hands free.

Version 54.7
1. Fixed bug that caused a crash if 3D CA mode was ran a second time after another CA mode was run.

Version 54.6
1. Escape fractal preview now renders correctly when coefficients changed.

2. Tiled CA samples now saved as single sample TCA files rather than separate TIL and RUL files.

Version 54.5
1. Fixed bug with Gaussian Blur image processing code.

Version 54.4
1. Added new 3D Ant Automaton mode.

Version 54.3
1. Fixed bug that caused a crash when selecting certain L-System rules from the preset rules dropdown list.

Version 54.2
1. All dialog Save Load OK Cancel buttons are now in recommended Windows GUI guidelines order.

2. Fixed tab key order for all dialogs.

3. Flattened a lot of the bevel effects on dialogs to look more natural under Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Version 54.1
1. Added more options to Yin Yang Fire Cellular Automaton mode.

Version 54.0
1. Added complexity option for Genetic Art 3 mode.

Version 53.9
1. Fixed bug with large OBJ exports generating out of memory errors.

Version 53.8
1. Added 3D OBJ export to 3D Cellular Automata, 3D Cyclic Cellular Automata, Cube Divider and 3D DLA modes.

Version 53.7
1. Fixed bug when saving output of various modes to midi files.

Version 53.6
1. Fixed minor bug with Genetic Art 3 mode.

Version 53.5
1. Added new Yin Yang Fire mode.

Version 53.4
1. Fixed bug that caused boids screen saver to crash.

Version 53.3
1. Fixed bug that caused loading color palettes to crash.

2. Sped up loading time when scanning GLSL shader files.

Version 53.2
1. Fixed bug that caused opening palettes to crash with Genetic Art 2 mode.

Version 53.1
1. Fixed bug that caused OpenGL scenes to render blank on some PCs.

2. More GLSL samples added for a total of 700.

Version 53.0
1. Added support for all Windows wallpaper styles (Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile and Center).

2. Added toolbar buttons to go back and forwards through GLSL samples.

Version 52.9
1. Fixed bug with ! character in L-Systems L files.

Version 52.8
1. Fixed issues handling L-Systems L files so more samples render correctly.

2. Added more GLSL sample shaders.

Version 52.7
1. Forced decimal point to be a "." character for non-English Windows.

Version 52.6
1. Changed Visions of Chaos licensing to freeware.

Version 52.5
1. Fixed bug that caused the help to not display.

2. Fixed bug that caused the extract color palette from images to read wrong colors with some image formats.

3. Added brightness and contrast settings to the Video Feedback 2 mode.

Version 52.4
1. Improved zoom box.

2. Fixed bug that caused the sample GLSL shaders to not be found if the user changed the default data directory.

3. Standardised positions of Load, Save, Cancel and OK burttons across all dialogs.

Version 52.3
1. Fixed bug that caused 3D attractors to crash when supersampling was enabled.

2. Fixed bug that caused the Tiled CA custom colors to remain hidden when changed.

3. Fixed bug that caused assigning images to the Windows Desktop Background to crash under Windows 8.x.

4. Fixed bug that caused installing the Visions of Chaos screensaver to fail under Windows 8.x.

5. Fixed bug that caused OpenGL to crash if Windows color depth was not set to 32-bit.

6. Fixed bug that caused Mandelbulb mode to crash if video card did not support GLSL shaders.

7. Improved GLSL shader support for more video cards.

Version 52.2
1. Added customisable color syntax highlighting to the GLSL editor.

2. Added error highliting to the GLSL editor.

3. Intel HD graphics chips are now supported for GLSL shaders and no longer detected as unsupported.

4. Fixed bug that caused movies in the Complex Fractal mode to render blank frames.

Version 52.1
1. Fixed bug with anaglyph rendering of Gravity 3D mode.

2. Mandelbulb GLSL now supports background images and cubemap environments.

3. Dual monitor setups are now supported.

Version 52.0
1. Added support to render movies directly to MP4, Animated GIF and Xvid formats.

Version 51.9
1. Added new FFmpeg Expert Mode settings to allow movie output to be customised for users who are familiar with FFmpeg.

2. Fixed bug that caused a crash if someone tried to add a script point before genrating an image to add to the script.

Version 51.8
1. URLs are now highlighted/clickable within glsl shaders.

2. More sample glsl scripts (total of 359 sample shaders now included).

3. Added ability to select output locations to hard drives other than just C:

4. Fixed bug that corrupted certain genetic art save as bmp images.

Version 51.7
1. GLSL frame rate clamping improved.

2. Bug that caused Screen Saver to crash fixed.

3. 2D Cellular Automata parameters can now be saved and loaded.

Version 51.6
1. Option added to clamp GLSL shaders to 60 fps to reduce stress on the GPU.

2. Video Feedback 2 mode now runs under 64-bit versions of Windows.

Version 51.5
1. Added lots more GLSL sample shaders.

2. Fixed a bug that corrupted the output of certain GLSL shaders.

Version 51.4
1. Fixed bug that saved Genetic Art 2 parameter files awith extension BMP rather than GA2.

2. GLSL shaders now run between 2 and 10 times as fast.

Version 51.3
1. Added better exception handling with the ability to email bug reports to help fixing hard to track down bugs.

Version 51.2
1. Added new Multiphase Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics mode.

2. Changed application default priority to run as normal rather than idle so Visions of Chaos is more reponsive when another CPU hungry app is running.

Version 51.1
1. Added new Fractal Planet mode.

2. Added new 3D Cyclic Cellular Automaton mode.

Version 51.0
1. Fixed bug that caused Mandelbulb mode to crash if user changed default data directory setting.

Version 50.9
1. No longer requires a user to have admin rights to run correctly (Admin rights are still required to initially install).

2. All user data files are now saved under the public My Documents directory and not within the C:\Program Files\ directory.

3. Video Feedback mode twice as fast.

4. More sample GLSL samples included.

Version 50.8
1. Added a load more GLSL shader examples.

2. Improved the GLSL shader dialog and now allow editing and saving of shaders.

Version 50.7
1. Fixed bug that caused some of the 2D Attractors to render a blank image.

2. Fixed Divide By Zero errors when rendering very large Ducks Fractals to BMP images.

3. Added option to start Video Fedback 2 simulations from an image file.

Version 50.6
1. Added new Knots plotting mode.

2. Improved detection for GLSL support. GPUs must support version 3.0 or higher.

3. Darkened toolbar buttons so they are more easily seen as active or disabled.

4. Added option to render Ducks Fractals to bitmap files that are larger than the screen and suitable for professional printing.

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